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Mark Weidick, CEO

Company: SimpleLegal,


Mark is the General Manager of SimpleLegal where he is responsible for overall business operations with a focus on value creation and growth. Mark brings more than two decades of experience in high tech as a business operator and entrepreneur, with success at both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

The onset of the previous technological wave has seen a prolific rise in customer expectations. Amidst this, many law firms were operating without an online architecture and a proper data analysis system. Most of these companies didn’t even have a proper platform for managing invoicing, matters, and vendors. Tracking the progression of multiple tasks becomes tedious without a proper system to place. Manually keeping tabs and analyzing the colossal amount of incoming data has now been rendered impossible due to the adoption of digitization everywhere. In order to stop wasting time on the highly time-consuming manual invoicing process, you can leverage the services of one of the best lawyer tech solutions providers in the industry. SimpleLegal has been the leading lawyer-tech solution provider for quite some time now and has considerable meaningful insights into the industry’s current state. The General manager at SimpleLegal, Mark Weidick, states, “Our solution helps our customers drive strategic decisions by bringing transparency to matters, spend, and vendors to make the decisions that best support business objectives. Our solutions include e-Billing and spend management, matter management, vendor management, and reporting and analytics in a configurable package that enables integrations.” Initially started as an e-billing and matter management software, SimpleLegal is one of the most easy-to-use and learn platforms for law firms out there. With the services of this company, your legal teams will gain timely and meaningful insights for greater operational efficiency and smoother functionality. Moreover, the services offered by the company can efficiently bridge the gap between the legal department and the other departments of your company by eliminating communication gaps. For instance, the finance department will also have visibility into the spending of your legal team to help stay within the budget and practice efficient and value-based spending.
Similarly, the same system can display the amount of work your legal team is putting in, including the representation of legal resources and how they are being leveraged to provide maximum value to the company and company goals. With the name of Artificial intelligence and automation now synonymous with almost every industry, their integration into your system is now imminent. The massive amounts of data incoming every second need to be used, and a data-driven approach is now a necessity. By automating processes such as identifying billing issues, knowledge sharing, internal approvals, etc., you won’t waste your valuable resources on mundane and recurring tasks that don’t really demand a lot of human intervention. This way, you can automate a significant chunk of your admin tasks, allowing you to focus your human resources on legal proceedings. Furthermore, Mark comments, “Our philosophy is to help customers do more with less by leveraging the latest technologies, and we continually invest in R&D to improve SimpleLegal’s functionality and usability.” “The key technologies we have adopted include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features. Being able to provide our customers with information at their fingertips is crucial to take out their pain point of manual and time-consuming reviewing.” By observing other industries to see what different technologies are being leveraged, SimpleLegal can focus on implementing them in the industry with a good idea of its potential impact and value. “Our roadmap consists of transformative new features that help corporate legal departments prove their value to their organization and be better corporate citizens,” says Mark. Entirely updated with the latest tech in the current technological landscape, SimpleLegal is one of the best legal technology solutions providers in the market currently. With comprehensive knowledge about the various industry insights and solvencies, SimpleLegal can solve all your organizational woes and ensure seamless communication.