Dashboard Legal: Offering Lawyers, the Best Way to Get Organized & Collaborate

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Mat Rotenberg, CEO

Company: Dashboard Legal,


Mat Rotenberg is the CEO and co-founder of Dashboard Legal. As a mergers & acquisitions lawyer, Mat identified a critical need for greater sophistication and intuitive simplicity in how legal teams process and share information. He founded Dashboard Legal to help lawyers run more organized and collaborative matters.

The amount of data incoming at any given point in any company can be pretty overwhelming, and all this data isn’t only for storage. Moreover, with your email blowing up constantly, information arrangement can get tedious, and the whole process might cause a lot of operational inefficiencies. Dashboard Legal was formed to offer attorneys tools to streamline their day-to-day workflow with the help of modern technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, etc. This way, you can divert your resources, physical and human, towards more value-based tasks. Moreover, lawyers can better focus their efforts on legal proceedings rather than administrative duties by leveraging various email automation and project management tools. During the global pandemic, the onset of the remote workplace culture made it necessary for companies to connect, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly without actually showing up in a physical office space. By leveraging the services of Dashboard Legal, siloed emails chains and departments will be a thing of the past. The exchange of information will be much more frictionless, leading to more value-based conversations and effective communication across departments. Their workflow management system even offers a very visual appeal to the entire workflow management process, allowing your team members to feel the momentum as a legal proceeding nears completion. That might seem like a luxury, but what it entails are higher employee satisfaction and work efficiency. By creating universal views of responsibilities and progress, team members can feel and see momentum as it gathers towards a culminating trial or completed transaction. “The result? Better work product and increased personal satisfaction.
These are the most important priorities of legal technology today,” says Mathew Rotenberg, CEO & Co-Founder at Dashboard Legal, who leveraged the unique insights about how legal teams get organized and collaborate to build Dashboard Legal from the ground up, with the specific attorney workflow in mind. Mathew also states, “It’s where lawyers spend a vast majority of their time, and the biggest gap in their current offerings, General purpose solutions like Asana, Monday.com, Slack, and MS Teams are built for their millions of business users, and not intuitive to the attorney workflow.” He adds that there are generalized solutions to communication and workflow management woes and offer no personalization whatsoever to attorneys. He added, “We’re built around client-matter taxonomy to keep communications clear and organized. We built a new email client, which means lawyers don’t need to leave the comfort and familiarity of their inbox to take advantage of these new potential collaborative tools.” The Dashboard is essentially split into 4 tools: Relevant emails, Discussion channels, Documents, and Checklists. Using these 4 well-segmented features allows you to practice seamless collaboration across various departments without encountering silos and other practical communication hurdles. With their solutions now being leveraged by some of the largest and most innovative firms in the AmLaw 100, Dashboard Legal is on its way to becoming one of the best legal technology solutions providers in the industry’s current state.